The Process of Drama provides an original and invaluable model of the elements of drama in context, and defines how these are negotiated to produce dramatic art.
John O'Toole takes the reader through a lively, fascinating account of the relationships between the playwright, the elements of dramatic art, and the other artists involved in this most interactive of creative processes. In doing so he demonstrates - with clarity and wit - how dramatic meaning emerges; how the dramatic event is constructed. Areas covered include:
roles and relationships
the drama space
language and movement
tension and the audience
gesture and movement
This is an essential book for every student of drama who wants to understand how the theatrical art form operates

chapter 1|47 pages

Preliminary definitions

chapter 1|20 pages

The dramatic contexts

chapter 2|27 pages


chapter 3|37 pages

Purpose and focus

chapter 4|38 pages

Tension, time and audience

chapter 5|14 pages

Location: renegotiating expectations

chapter 6|14 pages

The participant group

chapter 7|17 pages

Language, gesture and action

chapter 8|20 pages

Negotiating meaning