This book will help readers better understand the ethical and cultural assumptions that both American and Chinese business cultures bring to business relationships in China. It analyzes the relationships developed between the two cultures, areas where they conflict, and how these conflicts are (or are not) resolved.

These relationships are investigated in three stages. The author:

  • describes and interprets American business experience in China
  • describes and interprets Chinese business experience in China, including interaction with Americans
  • compares these two business cultures as they are experienced in China to investigate the relationships between them, centering the cultural analysis on ethical issues.

Feldman's thorough research gets to the crux of how American and Chinese executives perceive the ethical and cultural aspects of doing business. The result is a book that will prove helpful to all those looking to expertly navigate Chinese-American business relationships.

part 1|44 pages

Part 1 Introduction

chapter 2|24 pages

2 Trouble in the Middle

The Ethics of Cross-Cultural Business Relations

part 2|70 pages

Part 2 Culture And History

chapter 3|38 pages

3 Central Control and Its Shadow

A Brief History of Chinese Culture and Institutions

chapter 4|30 pages

4 Confused Motives and Deep Ambivalences

A Brief History of American-Chinese Cultural Relations in China

part 3|97 pages

Part 3 Government And Corruption

chapter 5|43 pages

5 The Turtle and the Hare

An Essay on Political and Economic Reform in China

chapter 6|52 pages

6 Business-Government Corruption in China

Americans Suffer Only the Half of It

part 4|92 pages

Part 4 Culture And Conflict

chapter 7|46 pages

7 Ones, Twos, and Threes

The Roots of Cultural Conflicts in American-Chinese Business Relations

chapter 8|44 pages

8 Culture, Corruption, and Business in China

The Conflicting Worlds of American and Chinese Executives

part 5|138 pages

Part 5 Intellectual Property

chapter 9|42 pages

9 Clear as Mud

The Ethics of Intellectual Property in China

chapter 10|44 pages

10 Power, Property, and Culture

American-Chinese Conflicts over Intellectual Property in China

chapter |10 pages

11 Conclusion

Notes on the Cultural Middle

chapter |40 pages

12 Epilogue

Three Years Later — 2010