Successful development in the Middle East remains elusive, although considerable aid is poured into the region and extensive bureaucracies for managing development have been established. This book is a concise political economy of Middle Eastern development and its administration. A major focus is the nature and role of State and bureaucracy. Special attention is also paid to the relation between aid and development. In addition to providing an analytical framework, this book brings together a wealth of up-to-date information in an easily accessible format about the region's economic development and the structure of the countries' development 'machinery'. Extensive original research in the area, combined with a balanced use of Western and Arabic sources allow the author to present the most comprehensive overview of the subject available yet. The book encompasses most of the Arab countries plus Ethiopia. The Arab donors are also examined in detail.

Especially valuable and not elsewhere available are the numerous organisational charts depicting the individual countries' development administrations and the Arab donors' aid administrations.

This book will be of interest to all students of Middle East politics, economics and administration as well as to students of development.

chapter |4 pages


chapter 2|16 pages

State, Bureaucracy and Development in the Middle East

The backdrop to development administration

chapter 4|38 pages

Aid to Middle Eastern Countries

chapter 5|8 pages

The Regional Focus

chapter 6|43 pages

The Arab Donors

chapter 7|6 pages

Summary and Conclusion