This definitive overview of the development and use of artillery makes the complex artillery systems of today understandable, while at the same time showing how they have evolved and how they are likely to change in the future. The author, until recently chief of artillery for the British Army, is considered one of the world's foremost experts on the subject. Unlike other books that either describe the technical aspects of present-day firepower or outline its history during specific wars, this work provides both a detailed explanation of the modern artillery system and a history of its development over the past six hundred fifty years, identifying its enduring principles and changing practices against an ever-changing background of technology, tactics, and strategy. When an earlier version of this book was published in 1989, it became known as the best single source on field artillery in the English language. This new edition has been fully updated and substantially expanded to cover a wide range of contemporary military debates and the role of firepower, and is certain to be regarded as the ultimate work on the subject for years to come.

J. B. A. Bailey assesses major developments over the past decade, analyzing artillery operations in airborne, urban, littoral, desert, jungle, mountain, artic, and nocturnal environments. He examines direct fire, counterfire, the suppression of enemy air defenses, and force protection methods. He explains field artillery from its primitive beginnings to its dominance as an art in World War II and its potent utility in operations since 1945 and into the future. The book will be of particular interest to military historians and those engaged in debating firepower's future. Published in cooperation with the Association of the United States Army. 15 photographs. 8 line drawings. Appendixes. Notes. Bibliography. Index. 7 x 10 inches.

part |2 pages

Part I Operational Concepts

chapter 1|6 pages


chapter 2|6 pages

Equipment and Munitions

chapter 3|4 pages

The Nature of Firepower

chapter 4|2 pages

The Battlefield

part |2 pages

Part II Ancillary Services

chapter 5|2 pages

Command, Control & Communications (C3)

chapter 6|12 pages

Artillery Logistics

chapter 7|6 pages

Artillery Training

part |2 pages

Part III Specialized Missions

chapter 8|6 pages

Direct Fire

chapter 9|14 pages

Counter battery (CB) fire

chapter 11|21 pages

Operations in Special Environments

chapter 12|19 pages


part |2 pages

Part IV The Development of Fire Support

chapter 13|11 pages

Before 1914

chapter 14|27 pages

The First World War 1914–18

chapter 15|14 pages


chapter 16|67 pages

The Second World War 1939–1945

chapter 17|32 pages

Limited War 1945–2000

chapter 18|65 pages

NATO and the Warsaw Pact