This volume contains dedicated chronologies for all the major organizations, such as the UN, the Arab League, NATO, OPEC, the African Union, OAS, WTO, ASEAN and the IMF, whilst an introductory chronology covers the general development of international organizations.

As the role of international organizations attains greater global significance, this source detailing how, when and why they developed, is vital both to the study of twentieth century history and to an understanding of the world today.

part |19 pages

General Overview

part |122 pages

The United Nations

chapter |8 pages

The United Nations

part |46 pages

Other United Nations Bodies

chapter |5 pages

World Food Programme (WFP)

part |55 pages

Specialized Agencies Within the United Nations System

part |164 pages

Major Non-UN Organizations

chapter |5 pages

African Union

chapter |2 pages

Arab Monetary Fund

chapter |4 pages

The Commonwealth

chapter |3 pages

Council of Europe

chapter |5 pages

European Union (EU)

chapter |2 pages

The Franc Zone

chapter |5 pages

League of Arab States

chapter |2 pages

Pacific Community

chapter |5 pages

Pacific Islands Forum