First published in 1992. Unavailable for many years this is a reissue of George Kelly's classic work. It is the bible of personal construct psychology written by its founder. The second volume presents the implications for clinical practice.

chapter Chapter eleven|42 pages

The role of the psychotherapist

chapter Chapter twelve|46 pages

The psychotherapeutic approach

chapter Chapter thirteen|33 pages

The appraisal of experiences

chapter Chapter fourteen|29 pages

The appraisal of activities

chapter Chapter fifteen|39 pages

Steps in diagnosis

chapter Chapter sixteen|30 pages

Disorders of construction

chapter Chapter seventeen|43 pages

Disorders of transition

chapter Chapter eighteen|27 pages

Elaborating the complaint

chapter Chapter nineteen|37 pages

Elaborating the personal system

chapter Chapter twenty|41 pages

Loosening and tightening

chapter Chapter twenty-one|38 pages

Producing psychotherapeutic movement

chapter Chapter twenty-two|39 pages

Special techniques in psychotherapy