Text and Materials on International Human Rights offers a carefully tailored overview of the subject, divided into four sections that cover: sources and theories; institutions and structures; substantive rights; and a new concluding section on the challenges for human rights law. The third edition is fully updated to include all key developments, in particular issues around torture, terrorism and international criminal law.

This collection of materials offers a comprehensive overview of the institutional structures relevant to international human rights law, crucial to the understanding of how law works in this challenging area. Designed to guide students through the fundamental texts for this subject, the author’s commentary contextualises each extract to explain its relevance, while highlighted further reading makes links to cutting edge academic commentary to provide next steps for student research.

Offering a clear text design that distinguishes between materials and author commentary, and including reflective questions throughout to aid understanding, this book is ideal for students seeking to engage with the key issues in the study of International Human Rights.

chapter 1|27 pages

Sources of International Human Rights

chapter 3|33 pages

States and Treaty Obligations

chapter 10|35 pages

Protecting Children

chapter 11|53 pages

Detainees, Prisoners and Convicts

chapter 12|46 pages

Indigenous Peoples and their Rights

chapter 14|48 pages

Protecting and Promoting the Rights of Women