Mill was one of the most important British philosophers of the nineteenth century; his Utilitarianism is a pivotal work in ethical thought. This book, written specifically for students coming to Mill - and perhaps philosophy - for the first time, will be an ideal guide.
Mill on Utilitarianism introduces and assesses:
* Mill's life and the background of Utilitarianism
* the ideas and text of Utilitarianism
* the continuing importance of Mill's work to philosophy
This is the first book dedicated to Utilitarianism itself. Concisely written and engaging, it is perfect reading for those studying Mill or moral philosophy.

chapter Chapter 1|18 pages

A teacher in an age of transition

chapter Chapter 2|26 pages

Welfare and pleasure

chapter Chapter 3|22 pages

Experience, desire and the ideal

chapter Chapter 4|28 pages

The proof and sanctions of utilitarianism

chapter Chapter 5|40 pages

What utilitarianism is

chapter Chapter 6|20 pages


chapter Chapter 7|18 pages


chapter Chapter 8|28 pages

Utilitarianism and freedom: On Liberty