Lecturing can be a terror, a chore or an exhilarating experience. For most lecturers, at one time or another, it is all of these things. For many in HE & FE it remains the staple form of teaching and, as student groups get ever larger, good lecturing becomes ever more important.

This is an accessible, friendly and confidence-boosting book for inexperienced and experienced lecturers alike. Written in a lively and straightforward style, it guides readers through the art of good lecturing. This is a book to use both to gain confidence, and to work with as the your lecturing becomes more assured. The authors show how to improve lecturing, and how lecturing is a flexible and essential tool for enhancing learning and understanding. Illustrated throughout with fascinating case studies and scenarios and with helpful hints and tips, key issues covered include:

* the place and types of lecture
* voice and body language
* causing learning in lectures
* making lectures more effective
* lecturing tools and processes
* engaging groups
* ensuring and developing quality
* tips for day-to-day use.

chapter 1|12 pages


chapter 2|8 pages

What is ‘lecturing'?

chapter 3|20 pages

Histories, philosophies and architecture

chapter 4|21 pages

Why have lectures?

chapter 5|18 pages

What can you do in your lectures?

chapter 6|26 pages

Lecturing tools

chapter 7|19 pages

What can students do in lectures?

chapter 8|15 pages

Before and after lectures

chapter 11|17 pages

How do I know how I'm doing?