We are living through a time when old identities - nation, culture and gender are melting down. Spaces of Identity examines the ways in which collective cultural identities are being reshaped under conditions of a post-modern geography and a communications environment of cable and satellite broadcasting. To address current problems of identity, the authors look at contemporary politics between Europe and its most significant others: America; Islam and the Orient. They show that it's against these places that Europe's own identity has been and is now being defined. A stimulating account of the complex and contradictory nature of contemporary cultural identities.

chapter |9 pages


chapter |16 pages

Globalisation As Identity Crisis

The new global media landscape

chapter |17 pages

Reimagined Communities?

New media, new possibilities

chapter |27 pages

Culture, Community and Identity

Communications technologies and the reconfiguration of Europe

chapter |15 pages


Communication, space and time

chapter |20 pages

No Place Like Heimat

Images of home (land)

chapter |20 pages

Tradition And Translation

National culture in its global context

chapter |22 pages

Under Western Eyes

Media, empire and Otherness

chapter |27 pages


Japan panic

chapter |24 pages

The Politics Of Silence

The meaning of community and the uses of media

chapter |31 pages

The End of What?

Postmodernism, history and the West