Once seen as synonymous with "anti-feminism" postfeminism i now understood as the theoretical meeting ground between feminism and anti-foundationalist movements such as postmodernism, post-structuralism and post-colonialsm. In this clear exposition of some of the major debates, theorists and practitioners, Ann Brooks shows how feminism is being redefined for the twenty first century. Individual chapters look at postfeminism in relation to feminist epistemology, Foucault, psychoanalytic theory and semiology postmodernism and postcolonialism, cultural politics, popular culture, film and media, and sexuality and identity For all students looking for guidance through the sometimes murky waters of contemporary feminist theory, this book wil provide a reassuring first port of call.

chapter |10 pages


Navigating the Perfect Moral Storm in Light of a Thirty-Five-Year Debate

part |15 pages

Challenging and Fragmenting the Consensus of the ‘Second Wave’

chapter |13 pages

Consensus and Conflict in Second Wave Feminism

Issues of diversity and ‘difference’ in feminist theorising

part |87 pages

Feminism's ‘Turn to Culture’—a Paradigm Shift in Feminist Theorising?

chapter |22 pages

Foucault and Postfeminism

Discourse, power and resistance

chapter |23 pages

THE ‘Landscape 1 OF Postfeminism’

The intersection of feminism, postmodernism and post-colonialism

part |96 pages

Postfeminism and Cultural Forms

chapter |18 pages

Postfeminisms and Cultural Politics

Feminism, cultural difference and the cultural politics of the academy

chapter |28 pages

Postfeminism and Popular Culture

Representations and resistance

chapter |2 pages