From 1895, the year he published his first signed article, to four days before his death in 1970 when he wrote his last, Bertrand Russell was a powerful force in the world of mathematics, philosophy, human rights and the struggle for peace. During those years he published 70 books, almost as many pamphlets and over 2,000 articles, he also contributed pieces to some 200 books.
The availability of the Bertrand Russell Archives at McMaster University since 1968 has made it possible for the first time to compile a full, descriptive bibliography of his writings. The Collected Papers are based on it. Fully annotated, the Bibliography is textually oriented and will guide the scholar, collector and general reader to the authoritative editions of Russell's works. It includes references to the locations of all known speeches and interviews, and reproductions of the dust-jackets of Russell's books.
Blackwell, Ruja and Turcon have cooperated for nearly 20 years on the new Bibliography. Lord Russell saw the extensive additions for it near the end of his life and declared: `I am impressed.'

part A|310 pages

Books, Pamphlets and Leaflets

chapter A2|3 pages

German Social Democracy 1896

chapter |5 pages

A5 The Principles of Mathematics 1903

chapter |1 pages

A7 Anti-Suffragist Anxieties 1910

chapter A8|2 pages

Philosophical Essays 1910

chapter A9|6 pages

Principia Mathematica 1910-13

chapter |10 pages

A10 The Problems of Philosophy [1912]

chapter A11|2 pages

The Philosophy of Bergson 1912

chapter A13|1 pages

War—the Offspring of Fear [1914]

chapter A15|4 pages

Justice in War-Time [1915]

chapter A16|1 pages

The Policy of the Entente, 1904-14 [1915]

chapter A18|1 pages

The Philosophy of Pacifism [1916]

chapter A20|1 pages

Why not Peace Negotiations? [1916]

chapter A21|1 pages

What are we Fighting for? [1916]

chapter A23|1 pages

Bertrand Russell and the War Office [1916]

chapter A24|1 pages

Political Ideals [pamphlet] [1916]

chapter A25|2 pages

Principles of Social Reconstruction 1916

chapter |2 pages

A25.2a First American edition—1917

chapter A27|3 pages

Political Ideals 1917

chapter A28|4 pages

Mysticism and Logic 1918

chapter A29|3 pages

Roads to Freedom 1918

chapter A29.2a|3 pages

First American edition—1919

chapter A30|2 pages

Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy 1919

chapter A31|1 pages

The Analysis of Mind [syllabus] [1919]

chapter A32|1 pages

Democracy and Direct Action 1919

chapter A34|1 pages

The Practice and Theory of Bolshevism 1920

chapter |2 pages

A34.2a First American edition—1920

chapter |2 pages

A35 The Analysis of Mind 1921

chapter A40|1 pages

Free Thought and Official Propaganda 1922

chapter A41|2 pages

The Problem of China 1922

chapter A42|1 pages

To the Electors of Chelsea 1922

chapter A43|1 pages

Politische Ideale 1922

chapter A44|1 pages

A Free Man's Worship 1923

chapter A45|2 pages

The ABC of Atoms 1923

chapter A46|1 pages

To the Electors of Chelsea 1923

chapter A47|2 pages

Icarus or the Future of Science 1924

chapter A47.3a|1 pages

Second American edition—1959

chapter A48|1 pages

How to be Free and Happy 1924

chapter A49|3 pages

What I Believe 1925

chapter A50|4 pages

The ABC of Relativity 1925

chapter A51.2a|1 pages

First American edition (retitled)—1926

chapter A52|1 pages

Beacon Hill School [1927]

chapter A53|4 pages

Why I am not a Christian 1927

chapter A54|3 pages

The Analysis of Matter 1927

chapter A55|1 pages

Selected Papers of Bertrand Russell 1927

chapter A56|2 pages

An Outline of Philosophy 1927

chapter A56.2a|1 pages

First American edition (retitled)—1927

chapter A57|3 pages

Sceptical Essays 1928

chapter A59|5 pages

Marriage and Morals 1929

chapter A60|6 pages

The Conquest of Happiness 1930

chapter A61|2 pages

The Scientific Outlook 1931

chapter A62|1 pages

India: Know the Facts [1932]

chapter A63|1 pages

Education and Social Order 1932

chapter A63.2a|2 pages

First American edition (retitled)—1932

chapter A64|1 pages

Freedom and Organization, 1934 1814—1914

chapter A64.2a|2 pages

First American edition (retitled)—1934

chapter A65|1 pages

The Gas Drill Farce [1935]

chapter A66|4 pages

In Praise of Idleness 1935

chapter A67|2 pages

Religion and Science 1935

chapter |1 pages

A68 Determinism and Physics [1936]

chapter A69|1 pages

Which Way to Peace? 1936

chapter A70|1 pages

Education for Democracy 1937

chapter A71|2 pages

The Amberley Papers 1937

chapter |5 pages

A72 Power: A New Social Analysis 1938

chapter A73|3 pages

An Inquiry into Meaning and Truth 1940

chapter A74|2 pages

Let the People Think 1941

chapter A75|1 pages

How to Become a Philosopher ... 1942

chapter A76|1 pages

An Outline of Intellectual Rubbish 1943

chapter A77|1 pages

How to Read and Understand History 1943

chapter A78|1 pages

The Value of Free Thought 1944

chapter A79|2 pages

A History of Western Philosophy 1945

chapter A80|1 pages

Physics and Experience 1946

chapter A81|1 pages

Philosophy and Politics 1947

chapter A82|1 pages

Towards World Government 1948

chapter A83|3 pages

Human Knowledge: Its Scope and Limits 1948

chapter |4 pages

A84 Authority and the Individual 1949

chapter A85|2 pages

The Faith of a Rationalist [1947?]

chapter A86|1 pages

The Philosophy of Logical Atomism [1949]

chapter A87|3 pages

Unpopular Essays 1950

chapter A88|4 pages

The Impact of Science on Society 1951

chapter A89|2 pages

New Hopes for a Changing World 1951

chapter |1 pages

A92 How Near is War? 1952

chapter A93|1 pages

What is Freedom? 1952

chapter A94|2 pages

Satan in the Suburbs 1953

chapter A95|1 pages

The Good Citizen's Alphabet 1953

chapter |1 pages

A96 What is Democracy? 1953

chapter A97|3 pages

Nightmares of Eminent Persons 1954

chapter A98|2 pages

Human Society in Ethics and Politics 1954

chapter A99|1 pages

History as an Art 1954

chapter A100|1 pages

Man's Peril from the Hydrogen Bomb [1955]

chapter |1 pages

A100a Essays 1955

chapter A101|1 pages

John Stuart Mill [1955]

chapter A102|3 pages

Portraits from Memory and Other Essays 1956

chapter A103|1 pages

Logic and Knowledge 1956

chapter |4 pages

A104 Why I am not a Christian 1957

chapter A105|1 pages

Understanding History 1957

chapter A106|1 pages

If Man is to Survive [1958]

chapter A107|3 pages

Bertrand Russell's Best 1958

chapter A108|2 pages

Common Sense and Nuclear Warfare 1959

chapter A109|2 pages

My Philosophical Development 1959

chapter A110|1 pages

Address at Manchester, May 1st, 1959

chapter A111|1 pages

Wisdom of the West 1959

chapter A113|1 pages

The Case for Neutralism [1960]

chapter |1 pages

A114 Act or Perish [1960]

chapter A115|4 pages

The Basic Writings of Bertrand Russell 1961

chapter A116|1 pages

Win we Must 1961

chapter A117|1 pages

On Civil Disobedience 1961

chapter A119|1 pages

A Letter from Bertrand Russell [1961]

chapter A120|1 pages

Fact and Fiction 1961

chapter |3 pages

A121 Has Man a Future? 1961

chapter A123|1 pages

History of the World in Epitome 1962

chapter A125|1 pages

You are to Die 1962

chapter A126|1 pages

Essays in Skepticism [1963]

chapter A127|2 pages

Unarmed Victory 1963

chapter A128|1 pages

Bertrand Russell on the War in Vietnam [1963]

chapter A130|1 pages

A New Approach to Peace [1964]

chapter A131|1 pages

16 Questions on the Assassination 1964

chapter |1 pages

A131a Bertrand Russell on Iran 1964

chapter A132|1 pages

Should India Make an Atom Bomb? [1965]

chapter A133|1 pages

On the Philosophy of Science 1965

chapter A134|1 pages

The Labour Party's Foreign Policy [I] 1965

chapter |1 pages

A135 Danger in South-East Asia [1965]

chapter A136|1 pages

Bertrand Russell on India-Pakistan Conflict

chapter A138|1 pages

A Message From Bertrand 1966 Russell

chapter A139|1 pages

Appeal to the American Conscience [1966]

chapter |1 pages

A140a Russell's Peace Appeals 1967

chapter A141|1 pages

War Crimes in Vietnam 1967

chapter A143|1 pages

Bertrand Russell's Opening Statement 1967

chapter A145|1 pages

Strid för Freden [Struggle for Peace] 1967

chapter A148|1 pages

“Support Czechoslovakia” Action 1968

chapter A149|2 pages

Dear Bertrand Russell 1969

chapter |1 pages

A150a The Russell Memorandum [1970?]

chapter A152|1 pages

My Own Philosophy 1972

chapter A153|1 pages

Atheism: Collected Essays, 1943-1949 1972

chapter A154|1 pages

Letters from Bertrand Russell 1972

chapter A156|3 pages

Bertrand Russell's America 1973-83

chapter A157|1 pages

Essays in Analysis 1973

chapter A158|2 pages

Mortals and Others 1975

chapter A159|1 pages

An Atheist's Bertrand Russell 1980

chapter A163|2 pages

The Selected Letters 1992