Edge of Empire examines struggles over urban space in three contemporary first world cities in an attempt to map the real geographies of colonialism and postcolonialism as manifest in modern society. From London, the one-time heart of the empire, to Perth and Brisbane, scenes of Aboriginal claims for the sacred in the space of the modern city, Jacobs emphasises the global geography of the local and unravels the spatialised cultural politics of postcolonial processes.
Edge of Empire forms the basis for understanding imperialism over space and time, and is a recognition of the unruly spatial politics of race and nation, nature and culture, past and present.

chapter |12 pages

Travels on the Edge of Empire

chapter |25 pages

(Post)colonial Spaces

chapter |32 pages

Negotiating the Heart

Place and Identity in the Postimperial City

chapter |33 pages

Eastern Trading

Diasporas, Dwelling and Place

chapter |29 pages

Urban Dreamings 1

The Aboriginal Sacred in the City

chapter |25 pages

Authentically Yours

De-Touring The Map

chapter |7 pages