Based on extensive historical, literary and political research, this text examines the relationship between ideas and political and social reality. It explains why the aspirations of Irish nationalism have failed to modify the facts of Irish political conflict and sectarian division. For this revised edition, Professor Boyce has added a new final chapter which considers the development of nationalism in both parts of Ireland in the light of the most recent political events and places the phenomenon of nationalism in its contemporary and European setting.

chapter |10 pages

Introduction: Nationalism and Ireland

chapter 1|21 pages

Colony and Nation

chapter 3|26 pages

For God, King and Country

chapter 5|31 pages

‘The Irish, Properly So Called’

chapter 6|38 pages

Patterns of Nationalism, 1842-1870

chapter 7|36 pages

The Making of Parnellism and Its Undoing

chapter 8|31 pages

The Battle of Three Civilizations

chapter 9|36 pages

What Home Rule Stood For, 1891-1918

chapter 11|36 pages

State and Nation in Modern Ireland

chapter |16 pages

Conclusion: Ireland and Nationalism