Problems for environmental management are taking on a new urgency. This book addresses aspects of environmental management that raise fundamental questions about governmental roles and the relationship of humans to the environment. It examines the interaction of local and national governments and the strengths and weaknesses of co-operative vs. coercive environmental management, through a focus on the management of natural hazards. Leading experts in the field examine new and innovative environmental management and planning programmes with particular focus on North America and Australia.
This book offers a new understanding of environmental problems and explores the appropriate policy mix that must be developed for environmental management to strive towards environmental sustainability.

part |67 pages

Policy Innovations in The United States, New Zealand, and Australia

chapter |1 pages


chapter |21 pages

Coercion and Prescription

Growth management in Florida

chapter |26 pages

Devolution and Cooperation

Resource management in New Zealand

chapter |18 pages

Toward Cooperative Policies

Flood management in New South Wales

part |105 pages

The Policies in Practice

part |39 pages

The Policy Innovations Revisited