Sound Tracks is the first comprehensive book on the new geography of popular music, examining the complex links between places, music and cultural identities. It provides an interdisciplinary perspective on local, national and global scenes, from the 'Mersey' and 'Icelandic' sounds to 'world music', and explores the diverse meanings of music in a range of regional contexts.
In a world of intensified globalisation, links between space, music and identity are increasingly tenuous, yet places give credibility to music, not least in the 'country', and music is commonly linked to place, as a stake to originality, a claim to tradition and as a marketing device. This book develops new perspectives on these relationships and how they are situated within cultural and geographical thought.

chapter |18 pages

Into the Music

chapter |26 pages

Music and Place

‘Fixing authenticity'

chapter |26 pages

Music and Movement

Overcoming space

chapter |19 pages

The Place of Lyrics

chapter |27 pages

Sounds and Scenes

A place for music?

chapter |27 pages

Music Communities

National identity, ethnicity and place

chapter |16 pages

New Worlds

Music from the margins?

chapter |32 pages

A World of Flows

Music, mobility and transnational soundscapes

chapter |29 pages

Aural Architecture

The spaces of music

chapter |30 pages

Marketing Place

Music and tourism

chapter |19 pages

Terra Digitalia?

Music, copyright and territory in the information age

chapter |12 pages

The Long and Winding Road…