This text is both about writing up qualitative research and is itself a qualitative study. The written reflections of students on the writing process and the interpretations and presentations of their findings provide a base of data which the authors have, in turn, analyzed and incorporated into their text. They have added accounts of their own experiences, and those of their colleagues and other published authors. All of these are woven into a theoretical framework that discusses them in detail.

chapter 1|6 pages

To You From Us

chapter 2|52 pages

What Is There about Writing?

chapter 3|104 pages

Creating Forms; Informing Understanding

chapter 4|62 pages

Working in Analytic Modes

chapter 5|50 pages

Working in Interpretive Modes

chapter 6|54 pages

Negotiating, Collaborating, Responding

chapter 7|48 pages

Ripples on the Self/Ripples on Others