Community theatre is an important device for communities to collectively share stories, to participate in political dialogue, and to break down the increasing exclusion of marginalised groups of citizens. It is practised all over the world by growing numbers of people.
Published at the same time as a video of the same name, this is a unique record of these theatre groups in action. Based on van Erven's own travels and experiences working with community theatre groups in six very different countries, this is the first study of their work and the methodological traditions which have developed around the world.

chapter |13 pages


chapter 1|39 pages

Philippine community theatre in the 1990s

chapter 2|39 pages

Community theatre in the Netherlands

chapter 3|40 pages

Community theatre in Los Angeles

chapter 5|38 pages

Community theatre in Kenya

chapter 6|37 pages

Community theatre in Australia

chapter 7|18 pages