Developing Writing Skills in Italian has been specifically designed for upper-intermediate students of Italian who need to write Italian for personal, business and academic purposes.

With a strong focus on writing as a meaningful and valuable skill in itself, Developing Writing Skills in Italian supports the learner throughout the process of writing, from the planning and drafting stages to the revising and editing of a final version, enriching and extending the learners’ lexical, grammatical and communicative writing skills.

Divided into four logically structured sections the learner can work through a range of realistic and contextualized writing tasks which will allow them to master a variety of styles, registers and formats.

Features include:

  • flexible structure
  • a summary of learning points clearly indicated at the beginning of each chapter
  • focus on self assessment, allowing students to engage fully in the writing process by evaluating their own work
  • a glossary of key phrases and useful vocabulary.

This course is suitable both for classroom use and independent study. Assessment guides, a teacher’s guide, answer key and supplementary activities are all available on the accompanying website.

chapter |3 pages


part |1 pages

Unità Uno: C'era una volta… Narrativa e descrizioni

chapter |5 pages

Capitolo 2 lo…

chapter |6 pages

Capitolo 3 … e gli altri

part |1 pages

Unità 2 Come dice il nostro corrispondente… II giornalismo e l'attualità

part |6 pages

Unità Tre: La scrittura e il mondo del lavoro

part |6 pages

Tutto sommato, mi pare che… Come scrivere saggi e tesine

chapter |8 pages