Learning through play is a well-established principle that underpins much educational practice, yet it is often overlooked in association with children with autistic spectrum disorders. This book considers the wide-ranging benefits of developing play and taking it into drama with these children. The authors demonstrate how to implement such approaches via a highly practical, structured developmental framework, within which participants may gradually learn to be creative. They also discuss the psychology and pedagogy of autism in relation to play and drama and connect them to everyday learning situations using a wealth of examples.

This accessible approach to play and drama can offer a powerful, memorable, integrating way forward for children with autistic spectrum disorders - and enjoyable, fun opportunities for teaching and learning.

chapter |19 pages

Why Play?

chapter |23 pages

Learning to Play

chapter |18 pages

Taking Play into Drama

chapter |20 pages

Learning through Drama

Play as a Learning Medium

chapter |16 pages

Learning in Drama

Play with Meaning

chapter |11 pages

Learning about Drama

Play with a Purpose

chapter |4 pages


Implications for Play in Practice