This book is about the shift from the modern university of the nation state to the global virtual university of the future. John Tiffin and Lalita Rajasingham launched the idea of virtual universities on the Internet with the publication of 'In Search of the Virtual Class: Education in an Information Society' in 1995. Since then, virtual universities have multiplied worldwide. However, the authors argue that globalisation and the Internet are still in their infancy, and universities have yet to face the challenges of global free trade in broadband telecommunications, artificial intelligence and HyperReality.
Based on material gathered from research in the USA, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand, this book describes how a global university could function in the future and presents a paradigm from which it might be constructed.
This unique, visionary text will be critical reading for academics, postgraduate students and for anyone involve din policymaking and planning within the university community and administration.

chapter 1|19 pages

The universals of a university

chapter 2|18 pages

Universities have IT

chapter 3|19 pages

Instruction in universities

chapter 4|14 pages

New academics for old

chapter 5|14 pages

Old students for new

chapter 6|23 pages

Play the game: knowledge in universities

chapter 8|19 pages

The curriculum of globalisation

chapter 9|16 pages

Global corporate