First Published in 2004. This book presents the first integrated treatment of the mechanical or corpuscular philosophy of Robert Boyle, one of the leading English natural philosophers of the Scientific Revolution. It focuses on the concepts central to Boyle’s philosophy, including the theory of matter and its qualities, causation, laws of nature, motion and the incorporeal. The book is divided into two parts—the first examining the manner in which Boyle distinguished between various types of qualities, his view on the perception of these qualities and the ontological status of the sensible qualities. The second part examines Boyle’s mechanism in general. Through detailed examination of Boyle’s conceptions of motion, laws and space, it is argued that Boyle upholds a unique view of the causal interaction of natural bodies.

chapter |14 pages


part |92 pages

Matter in motion

chapter |17 pages

The nature of place

chapter |29 pages

Laws and concurrence

chapter |18 pages

Mind/body interaction