Fixing Elections shows our whole 18th-century Winner Take All political system, including the way we elect our legislatures. Steven Hill argues our geographic-based, Winner Take All political system is at the root of many of our worst political problems, including poor minority and majority representation, low voter turnout, expensive mudslinging campaigns, congressional gridlock, regional balkanization, and the growing divide between city-dwellers and middle-America.

part |55 pages

Geography is Destiny

chapter |17 pages

“A House Divided…”

chapter |16 pages

Ex Uno Plures

“One System, Two Nations”

chapter |21 pages

The Technology of Democracy

part |72 pages

The People's Congress?

chapter |14 pages

The People's House

chapter |15 pages

Behind Closed Doors

The Recurring Plague of Redistricting

chapter |24 pages

The Gravity of the Prize

chapter |18 pages

Worse Than Winner Take All

Affirmative Action for Low-Population States

part |75 pages

The Death of Discourse

chapter |23 pages

Of Pollster-geists and Consultants

The Mad Science Of Winner Take All Campaigns

chapter |19 pages

The Winner Take All Media

The Fourth Estate Sells Out

chapter |18 pages

Caught between a Poll and a Hard Focus Group

The Loss of Political Ideas

part |72 pages

Majority Rule? Or Majority Fooled?

chapter |16 pages

Winner Take All Policy

Where the Majority Does Not Always Rule

chapter |19 pages

“Winner Takes Nothing”