Written for students who need help doing their coursework and exams, this book focuses mainly on the skills and techniques that apply to essay writing, but also covers other types of assignment such as posters, talks, PowerPoint^DTM presentations and web pages. Its basis is that all of these different types of work are centred on clear communication of well-supported responses to the questions or tasks that have been set.

chapter 5|8 pages

How do I choose which essay to attempt?

chapter 6|12 pages

How do I get started on my essay?

chapter 8|11 pages

How do I produce a well-written essay?

chapter 10|12 pages

What goes in the middle of the essay?

chapter 16|11 pages

How should I handle exam essays?

chapter 17|9 pages

How do I prepare a poster presentation?

chapter 20|8 pages

How do I work as part of a group?

chapter 21|15 pages

Help! It’s all going wrong, what can I do?

chapter 22|1 pages

A final word