This bestselling book is a unique introduction to the practice of university teaching and its underlying theory. This new edition has been fully revised and updated in view of the extensive changes which have taken place in higher education over the last decade and includes new material on the higher education context, evaluation and staff development.
The first part of the book provides an outline of the experience of teaching and learning from the student's point of view, out of which grows a set of prinicples for effective teaching in higher education. Part two shows how these ideas can enhance educational standards, looking in particular at four key areas facing every teacher in higher education:
* Organising the content of undergraduate courses
* Selecting teaching methods
* Assessing student learning
* Evaluating the effectivenesss of teaching.
Case studies of exemplary teaching are used throughout to connect ideas to practice and to illustrate how to ensure better student learning. The final part of the book looks in more detail at appraisal, performance indicators, accountability and educational development and training. The book is essential reading for new and experienced lecturers, particularly those following formal programmes in university teaching, such as courses leading to ILT accreditation.

part Part I|116 pages

Learning and teaching in higher education

chapter Chapter I|11 pages


chapter Chapter 2|5 pages

Ways of understanding teaching

chapter Chapter 3|20 pages

What students learn

chapter Chapter 4|23 pages

Approaches to learning

chapter Chapter 5|22 pages

Learning from the student's perspective

chapter Chapter 6|22 pages

The nature of good teaching in higher education

chapter Chapter 7|11 pages

Theories of teaching in higher education

part Part 2|90 pages

Design for learning

chapter Chapter 8|26 pages

The goals and structure of a course

chapter Chapter 9|31 pages

Teaching strategies for effective learning

chapter Chapter 10|31 pages

Assessing for understanding

part Part 3|47 pages

Evaluating and improving quality

chapter Chapter 11|24 pages

Evaluating the quality of higher education

chapter Chapter 12|21 pages

What does it take to improve university teaching?