The concern of this book is the nature of religious belief and the ways in which philosophical enquiry is related to it. Six chapters present the positive arguments the author wishes to put forward to discusses religion and rationality, scepticism about religion, language-games, belief and the loss of belief.

The remaining chapters include criticisms of some contemporary philosophers of religion in the light of the earlier discussions, and the implications for more specific topics, such as religious education, are investigated. The book ends with a general attempt to say something about the character of philosophical enquiry, and to show how important it is to realise this character in the philosophy of religion.

chapter III|27 pages

From World to God?

chapter VI|12 pages

Belief and Loss of Belief

(A Discussion with J. R. Jones 1 )

chapter IX|34 pages

Wisdom's Gods

chapter XI|10 pages

God and Ought

chapter XII|22 pages

On The Christian Concept of Love

chapter XIII|16 pages

Faith and Philosophy