In Language Online, David Barton and Carmen Lee investigate the impact of the online world on the study of language.

The effects of language use in the digital world can be seen in every aspect of language study, and new ways of researching the field are needed. In this book the authors look at language online from a variety of perspectives, providing a solid theoretical grounding, an outline of key concepts, and practical guidance on doing research.

Chapters cover topical issues including the relation between online language and multilingualism, identity, education and multimodality, then conclude by looking at how to carry out research into online language use. Throughout the book many examples are given, from a variety of digital platforms, and a number of different languages, including Chinese and English.

Written in a clear and accessible style, this is a vital read for anyone new to studying online language and an essential textbook for undergraduates and postgraduates working in the areas of new media, literacy and multimodality within language and linguistics courses.

chapter |14 pages

Language In The Digital World

chapter |13 pages

Hello! Bonjour! Ciao! Hola! Guten Tag!

Deploying linguistic resources online

chapter |18 pages

‘This Is Me'

Writing the self online

chapter |21 pages

Stance-Taking Through Language and Image

chapter |17 pages

‘My English is so Poor'

Talking about language online

chapter |13 pages

Everyday Learning Online

chapter |11 pages

Language Online and Education

chapter |14 pages

Researching Language Online

chapter |6 pages

Flows Of Language Online And Offline