The Ingush language has about 300,000 speakers, and along with Chechen is one of the largest indigenous languages of the northern Caucasus. This bilingual dictionary is the very first of its kind. It contains about 6,000 words of essential vocabulary for Ingush: basic verbs; pronouns, numerals, particles, conjunctions, and postpositions; common and everyday vocabulary; and many entries of the rapidly disappearing traditional vocabulary. All entries have grammatical information and pronunciation guides and are given in both the current Cyrillic orthography and a user-friendly diacritic-free all-Latin transcription. Similar grammatical and pronunciation information is given in the English-Ingush section. Entries have full grammatical information and glosses include alternatives and comments so as to convey the full meanings of words. Additionally, this dictionary gives background information about the language and descriptions of the sound system and grammar.

chapter |7 pages

The Ingush language and people

chapter |1 pages

Map Of Ingushetia

chapter |15 pages

Spelling, transcription, and sound system

chapter |1 pages

Abbreviations and conventions

chapter |174 pages

Ingush — English (Cyrillic)

chapter |164 pages

Ingush — English (Latin)

chapter |176 pages

English — Ingush