The purpose of every advertisement is to sell the thing which it advertises. Looking at the full range of the planning involved in the advertising business, Planning Advertisements first considers the initial stage, where the advertisement practitioner—advertiser relationship is paramount, before looking at the planning stages needed for all types of advertising, ranging from direct mail to hoardings.

First published in 1935.

chapter I|14 pages

Planning an Approach to Advertisements

chapter III|13 pages

Planning the Advertiser's Message-I

chapter IV|19 pages

Planning the Advertiser's Message-II

chapter V|18 pages

Twenty Ways of Planning Advertisements

chapter VI|57 pages

Planning Advertisement Design

chapter VII|8 pages

Planning a form Letter

chapter VIII|9 pages

Using the Hoardings

chapter IX|5 pages

Planning a Poster

chapter X|10 pages

Planning Advertising to the Retail Trade

chapter XII|7 pages

The Advertiser in Search of an Agent