This companion volume to the highly successful Islam in Malaysian Foreign Policy explores the extent to which foreign policy in the world's largest Muslim nation has been influenced by Islamic considerations.

chapter 1|8 pages


chapter 2|14 pages

Islam, politics, and the state in Indonesia

The origins of the dual identity dilemma

chapter 4|22 pages

Islam in Suharto’s foreign policy (1967–1989)

The primacy of domestic and regional politics

chapter 5|19 pages

Islam and foreign policy in the 1990s

Between form and substance

chapter 6|41 pages

Islam and foreign policy after Suharto

Change, continuity, and Islamic consolidation

chapter 7|17 pages

Islam and foreign policy under Megawati

The politics of precarious compromise

chapter 8|4 pages


Islam, domestic weakness, and the dilemma of dual identity