Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, the book provides a thorough grounding in metaphor and word meaning, theories on the processing and understanding of metaphorical language, and metaphor in other languages and translation. Rosamund Moon and Murray Knowles, draw on a wide selection of material to explore metaphor in relation to text, discourse and society. Linguistic metaphor and literary metaphor are examined across a range of contexts, such as politics, sport and advertising, whilst literary metaphor is demonstrated through authentic extracts from fiction and poetry. A final section covering non-verbal metaphor looks at metaphor in art, cinema and music.


chapter |12 pages

1 Introducing Metaphor

chapter |18 pages

3 Systematizing metaphor

chapter |13 pages

4 Metonymy

chapter |18 pages

5 Understanding Metaphor

chapter |16 pages

6 Metaphor Across Languages

chapter |18 pages

8 Literary Metaphor

chapter |16 pages

9 Non-verbal metaphor

chapter |3 pages

10 Coda