Drawing together recent changes in the debates with the history of the subject, The Process of Economic Development is a textbook with a story to tell. A discussion of recent events is integral to the book, with discussions ranging from
* the environment
* the debt crisis
* export led industrialization
* import substitution industrialization
* growth theory and technological capability
The book has an accessible style and format. Plentiful diagrams, boxed summaries, and end of chapter questions help the reader to grasp many-faceted topics.
Coverage includes Latin America, Africa and Asia giving students a uniquely balanced world picture.

part |1 pages

Part 1 An overview of economic development

chapter 1|27 pages

The development imperative

chapter 2|41 pages

Measuring economic growth and development

chapter 3|37 pages

Development in historical perspective

part |1 pages

Part 2 Theories of development and underdevelopment

part |1 pages

Part 3 The structural transformation

chapter 9|34 pages

The initial structural transformation

chapter 11|44 pages

Agriculture and development

chapter 12|29 pages

Population, education and human capital

chapter 13|25 pages

Technology and development

part |1 pages

Part 4 Problems and issues

chapter 16|26 pages

The debt problem and development

chapter 17|37 pages

International institutional linkages