Offering a dynamic and wide-ranging examination of the key issues at the heart of the study of German Fascism, Nazism as Fascism brings together a selection of Geoff Eley’s most important writings on Nazism and the Third Reich.

Featuring a wealth of revised, updated and new material, Nazism as Fascism analyses the historiography of the Third Reich and its main interpretive approaches. Themes include:

Detailed reflection on the tenets and character of Nazi ideology and institutional practices

Examination of the complicated processes that made Germans willing to think of themselves as Nazis

Discussion of Nazism’s presence in the everyday lives of the German People

Consideration of the place of women under the Third Reich

In addition, this book also looks at the larger questions of the historical legacy of Fascist ideology and charts its influence and development from its origin in 1930’s Germany through to its intellectual and spatial influence on a modern society in crisis.

In Nazism as Fascism Geoff Eley engages with Germany’s political past in order to evaluate the politics of the present day and to understand what happens when the basic principles of democracy and community are violated. This book is essential reading not only for students of German history, but for anyone with an interest in history and politics more generally.

chapter |12 pages

Origins, Post-Conservatism, and 1933

Nazism as a Breach

chapter |46 pages

Driving for Rule, Extracting Consent

Bases of Political Order under Fascism

chapter |32 pages

The Return of Ideology

Everyday Life, the Volksgemeinschaft, and the Nazi Appeal

chapter |40 pages

Missionaries of the Volksgemeinschaft

Ordinary Women, Nazification, and the Social

chapter |25 pages

Empire, Ideology, and the East

Thoughts on Nazism's Spatial Imaginary

chapter |42 pages

Putting the Holocaust into History

Genocide, Imperial Hubris, and the Racial State