In a series of essays scrutinizing feminist and post-structuralists positions, Tania Modleski examines "the myth of postfeminism" and its operation in popular culture, especially popular film and cultural studies. (First published in 1991.)

part |58 pages

Theory and Methodology

chapter |20 pages

Postmortem on Postfeminism

chapter |12 pages

Femininity as Mas(s)querade

chapter |24 pages

Some Functions of Feminist Criticism; Or, the Scandal of the Mute Body

Reducing the Variables: Feminism, “Ethnographic” Criticism and Romance Readers

part |53 pages

Masculinity and Male Feminism

chapter |15 pages

A Father Is Being Beaten

Male Feminism and the War Film

chapter |14 pages

Three Men and Baby M

chapter |22 pages

The Incredible Shrinking He(r)man

Male Regression, the Male Body, and Film

part |52 pages

Race, Gender, and Sexuality

chapter |20 pages

Cinema and the Dark Continent

Race and Gender in Popular Film

chapter |30 pages

Lethal Bodies

Thoughts on Sex, Gender and Representation, from the Main Stream to the Margins