This book, first published in 1947, sets out to describe what co-operative research is, how it is organised and in what way it contributes to a variety of problems around the globe. The need for scientific research can often be beyond a single company; co-operative research can provide the people, materials and money on a scale that is otherwise lacking. The book looks at the scope of co-operative research internationally, with chapters focusing on the UK and US, as well as the rest of the world.

chapter I|12 pages

The Imperative of Research

chapter II|13 pages

The Organization of Research

chapter III|12 pages

Co-Operation in Research

chapter IV|47 pages

Co-Operative Research in Great Britain

chapter V|14 pages

Co-Operative Research in the Empire

chapter VI|23 pages

Co-Operative Research in the United States

chapter VII|15 pages

The Future of Co-Operative Reserch