Originally published in 1984. Public relations is a key element necessary for success in all business activities. Although some businessmen see public relations as a separable business function, this book argues convincingly that public relations should really be an integral management function, practised by all managers, all the time.

Public Relations for Management Success defines public relations and examines particular techniques, including media relations and areas of concern such as government/parliamentary liaison and issues such as conservation and pollution. It discusses how public relations activities should be planned, staffed, financed and assessed, putting forward principles illustrated by worldwide case studies and examples.

chapter 1|4 pages

A Management View of Public Relations

chapter 3|22 pages

Tangible Public Relations

chapter 4|6 pages

The Costs of PR

chapter 5|17 pages

Planning a PR Programme

chapter 6|22 pages

Media and Methods

chapter 7|8 pages

Media Relations Techniques

chapter 9|6 pages

Assessment of Results

chapter 10|6 pages

PR Professionalism

chapter 11|7 pages

Setting Up a PR Department