**Author Paul Penn is the 2021 Winner of the Higher Education Psychology Teacher of the Year Award**

This book provides a vital guide for students to key study skills that are instrumental in success at university, covering time management, academic reading and note-taking, academic integrity, preparation of written assignments, teamwork and presentations.

With each chapter consisting of sub-sections that are titled with a single piece of fundamental advice, this is the perfect ‘hit the ground running’ resource for students embarking on their undergraduate studies. The book uses evidence from psychology to account for the basic errors that students make when studying, illuminating how they can be addressed simply and effectively. Creating an ‘insider’s guide’ to the core requisite skills of studying at degree level, and using a combination of research and practical examples, the author conveys where students often go fundamentally wrong in their studying practices and provides clear and concise advice on how they can improve.

Written in a humorous and irreverent tone, and including illustrations and examples from popular culture, this is the ideal alternative and accessible study skills resource for students at undergraduate level, as well as any reader interested in how to learn more effectively.

chapter I|14 pages


Metacognition, the foundation of successful studying (or at least how to avoid being ‘that person’ on the TV talent show)

chapter II|34 pages

Conquering procrastination

Why it’s so hard to DO IT. JUST DO IT!

chapter III|26 pages

Academic reading and note-taking

What we can all learn from 50 Shades of Grey

chapter IV|26 pages

Academic integrity, citation, quotation and referencing

Credit where credit is due

chapter V|36 pages

Producing high quality written assessments at degree level

It doesn’t have to be rocket science, even if you’re studying rocket science

chapter VI|32 pages

Working collaboratively

There is no ‘I’ in team, but there is an ‘I’ in “I really hate teamwork”

chapter VII|34 pages

Delivering an effective presentation

It’s not about you

chapter VIII|22 pages


Cleaning up a dirty word