Material contained in this book constitute an entirely new departure in the field of psychological study and experimentation.

chapter |17 pages


chapter I|13 pages

How the Psychical Sciences Stand To-Day

chapter II|9 pages

The Right and the Wrong Methods

chapter III|11 pages

Observation, the First Step

chapter IV|12 pages

How to Experiment

chapter V|12 pages

The Rôle of the Hypothesis

chapter VI|18 pages

Our Latent Psychic Faculties

chapter VII|13 pages

Hypnotism, or Artificial Hypnosis

chapter VIII|38 pages

Suggestion: As a Fact and as an Hypothesis

chapter IX|30 pages

An Unknown Force

Animal Magnetism, or “Biactinism”

chapter XI|32 pages

Clairvoyance, or “Metagnomy”

chapter XII|25 pages

Spiritism and Cryptopsychism