Those who are determined to find the beliefs of other people altogether wrong are recommended not to read this book. No one indeed would care openly to avow such a determination. At the same time, there are very few of us who are able to preserve an unwavering attitude of trust in all assorts of conditions of men. Especially is this the case when our humankind is separated into parties, nations, and religions, labelled with names to some of which in differing ways we have been accustomed to attach associations of dislike. This book discusses Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Mohammedanism to educate the public as well as theological students.

chapter I|17 pages

Religion and Life

chapter II|21 pages

How to Attain Peace

Ancient Taoism and Quietism

chapter III|22 pages

The Open Court

A Modern Spiritualist Society

chapter IV|22 pages

The Basis of Conservatism


chapter V|22 pages

Is Goodness Natural to Man?

Confucianism and Animism

chapter VI|23 pages

Deliverance for All

Early Buddhism

chapter VII|24 pages

The Pure Land

Present-Day Buddhism in China and Japan

chapter VIII|22 pages

The Meaning of the Light of Asia

The Buddhist Revival

chapter IX|15 pages

The Hero as Prophet

Chinese Mohammedanism

chapter X|21 pages

The New Thought Tide

Some Recent Religious Movements

chapter XI|22 pages

From Dependence to Leadership

Christianity in China

chapter XII|16 pages

The Message of the West to the East