Jane Duran's Worlds of Knowing begins to fill an enormous gap in the literature of feminist epistemology: a wide-ranging, cross-cultural primer on worldviews and epistemologies of various cultures and their appropriations by indigenous feminist movements in those cultures. It is the much needed epistemological counterpart to work on cross-cultural feminist social and political philosophy. This project is absolutely breath-taking in scope, yet a manageable read for anyone with some background in feminist theory, history, or anthropology. Duran draws many comparisons and connections to Western philosophical and feminist ideas, yet avoids facile or imperialistic over-universalization. Her book is powerful, comprehensive, Pnd brave. It will prove an enormously useful resource for scholars in women's studies, philosophy, anthropology, religious studies and history.

part I|20 pages


chapter Chapter 1|18 pages


part 2|114 pages

Asian Focal Points

chapter Chapter 2|28 pages

Northern India and Its Cultures

chapter Chapter 3|28 pages

Dravidian India and Its Cultures

chapter Chapter 4|28 pages

Bangladesh and Islam

chapter Chapter 5|28 pages

Nepal and the Himalayan Societies

part 3|114 pages

New World Focal Points

chapter Chapter 6|28 pages

Mexico and the Mestizaje

chapter Chapter 7|28 pages

Guatemala and the Indigenous

chapter Chapter 8|28 pages


chapter Chapter 9|28 pages

The African Diaspora in the United States

part 4|21 pages


chapter Chapter 10|19 pages