First published in 1961.

This study analyses Shakespeare's treatment of the universal themes of Beauty, Love and Time. He compares Shakespeare with other great poets and sonnet writers - Pindar, Horace and Ovid, with Petrarch, Tasso and Ronsart, with Shakespeare's own English predecessors and contemporaries, notably Spenser, Daniel and Drayton and with John Donne.

By discussing their resemblances and differences, a not altogether orthodox picture of Shakespeare's attitude to life is presented, which suggests that he was not as phlegmatic and equable a person as critics have often supposed.

part I|67 pages

Poetry As Immortalisation From Pindar To Shakespeare

chapter 1|18 pages

Shakespeare and the Roman poets

chapter 2|8 pages

Shakespeare and Petrarch

chapter 3|5 pages

Shakespeare and Tasso

chapter |12 pages

4 Shakespeare and Ronsard

part III|85 pages

‘Hyperbole' and ‘Religiousness' In Shakespeare's Expressions of His Love