The agenda and significance of women in antiquity has gained considerable attention in recent years. In this book diverse roles for and attitudes to women in ancient societies are explored: women as witches, as courtesans, as mothers, as priestesses, as nuns, as heiresses and typically as eranged. The shifting focus is variously economic, social, biological, religious and artistic. The studies cover a wide geographic and chronological range, from the ancient Hittite kingdom to the Byzantine Empires.
This book has been brought thoroughly up to date with the addition of a new introduction and addenda to individual chapters.

part |1 pages

Part One: Perceiving Women

part |1 pages

Part Two: Women and Power

chapter 4|16 pages

Influential Women

part |1 pages

Part Three: Women at Home

part |1 pages

Part Four: The Biology of Women

chapter 8|19 pages

Bound to Bleed: Artemis and Greek Women

chapter 9|14 pages

Hittite Birth Rituals

part |1 pages

Part Five: Discovering Women

part |1 pages

Part Six: The Economic Role of Women

chapter 12|14 pages

Bridewealth and Dowry in Nuzi

chapter 13|16 pages

Infanticide in Hellenistic Greece

chapter 14|20 pages

Women and Wealth

part |1 pages

Part Seven: Women in Religion and Cult

chapter 15|15 pages

Goddesses, Women and Jezebel

chapter 16|13 pages

The Naditu Women of Sippar

chapter 18|11 pages

Women in Early Syrian Christianity