'The purpose of this book is to trace the opposition and interaction of two main causes of change in the Nineteenth century: the belief in freedom which was common to Liberals and Radicals, and the necessity for organization which arose through industrial and scientific technique.' - Bertrand Russell
A revealing account by one of the twentieth century's greatest minds, charting the struggle between two determining forces in nineteenth century history: freedom and control.
Russell's text sweeps from the defeat of Napoleon and the Congress of Vienna to the lead up to the First World War. It is full of lively portraits, including Malthus, Mill, Bentham and Marx. Russell examines the founding of democracy in America and the struggle with slavery, and brings to life the ideas of Jefferson, Jackson and Lincoln.

part |52 pages

The Principle of Legitimacy

chapter |14 pages

Napoleon's Successors

chapter |16 pages

The Congress of Vienna

chapter |13 pages

The Holy Alliance

chapter |7 pages

The Twilight of Metternich

part |192 pages

The March of Mind

chapter |26 pages

The Social Background

chapter |8 pages

The Aristocracy

chapter |7 pages

Country Life

chapter |9 pages

Industrial Life

chapter |80 pages

The Philosophical Radicals

chapter |10 pages


chapter |12 pages


chapter |9 pages

James Mill

chapter |7 pages


chapter |10 pages

The Benthamite Doctrine

chapter |7 pages

Democracy in England

chapter |23 pages

Free Trade

chapter |84 pages


chapter |8 pages

Early Trade Unionism

chapter |13 pages

Marx and Engels

chapter |14 pages

Dialectical Materialism

chapter |11 pages

The Theory of Surplus Value

chapter |13 pages

The Politics of Marxism

part |132 pages

Democracy and Plutocracy in America

chapter |82 pages

Democracy in America

chapter |15 pages

Jeffersonian Democracy

chapter |17 pages

The Settlement of the West

chapter |15 pages

Jacksonian Democracy

chapter |20 pages

Slavery and Disunion

chapter |13 pages

Lincoln and National Unity

part |118 pages

Nationalism and Imperialism

chapter |17 pages

Bismarck and German Unity

chapter |32 pages


chapter |25 pages

The Arbiters of Europe