First published in 1960.
Over a century ago the Chinese discovered in a sealed-up cave in the west of China a collection of manuscripts dating from the fifth century to the end of the tenth. These included many specimens of popular literature of a kind that was not previously known to exist. Although the find was made long ago, only two or three of these pieces had been translated before. Arthur Waley here translates, whole or as extracts, twenty-six pieces, making an invaluable addition to world literature.

chapter |14 pages

The Swallow and the Sparrow

chapter |28 pages

Wu Tzu-Hsü

chapter |21 pages

The Crown Prince

chapter |23 pages

The Story of Catch-Tiger

chapter |27 pages

The Story of Hui-Yüan

chapter |21 pages

The Wizard Yeh Ching-Neng

chapter |19 pages

Meng Chiang-Nü

chapter |25 pages

The World of the Dead

chapter |13 pages

Marriage Songs

chapter |14 pages

The Buddhist Pieces

chapter |20 pages

Mu-Lien Rescues his Mother