This book was first published in 1922, Language is a valuable contribution to the field of English Language and Linguistics.

part I|83 pages

History of Linguistic Science

chapter I|13 pages

Before 1800

chapter II|31 pages

Beginning of Nineteenth Century

chapter III|26 pages

Middle of Nineteenth Century

chapter IV|11 pages

End of Nineteenth Century

part II|88 pages

The Child

chapter V|10 pages


chapter VI|15 pages


chapter VII|12 pages


chapter VIII|21 pages

Some Fundamental Problems

chapter X|17 pages

he Influence of the Child—continued

part III|113 pages

The Individual and the World

chapter XI|25 pages

1The Foreigner

chapter XII|21 pages

Pidgin and Congeners

chapter XIII|18 pages

The Woman

chapter XIV|21 pages

Causes of Change

chapter XV|26 pages

Causes of Change—continued

part IV|140 pages

The Development of Language

chapter XVI|14 pages


chapter XVII|18 pages

Progress or Decay?

chapter XVIII|30 pages


chapter XIX|29 pages

Origin of Grammatical Elements

chapter XX|16 pages

Sound Symbolism

chapter XXI|31 pages

The Origin of Speech