This timely Second Edition of a landmark reference furnishes in-depth examinations of the latest developments in the physiology, pathophysiology, and clinical relevance of the respiratory muscles and chest wall-reflecting the explosion of information that has occurred since the publication of the previous edition.

chapter 35|20 pages

Electrical Assessment of Respiratory Muscles

chapter 37|28 pages

Rib Motion in Health and Disease

chapter 39|34 pages

Performance of Respiratory Muscles in Situ

chapter 40|38 pages

Strength of the Respiratory Muscles

chapter 41|32 pages

Respiratory Muscle Endurance in Humans

chapter 43|20 pages

Assessment of Respiratory Sensation

chapter 44|18 pages

Ultrasonography of the Diaphragm

part |2 pages

Part V: Specific Applications

chapter 45|20 pages


chapter 47|18 pages

The Thorax in Exercise

chapter 48|32 pages

Respiratory Muscle Activity During Sleep

chapter 49|58 pages

Respiratory Muscle Fatigue

chapter 51|32 pages

The Respiratory Muscles in Sepsis

chapter 52|26 pages


chapter 53|16 pages

Chest Wall Mechanics in the Newborn

chapter 54|28 pages

Respiration During Diving

chapter 55|14 pages

Influence of Anesthesia on the Thorax

chapter 56|22 pages

Thorax-Lung Interaction

chapter 58|44 pages

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

chapter 59|24 pages

Dynamics of Breathing in Ventilatory Failure

chapter 60|39 pages