Examine the nuts and bolts of successful management in today’s rapidly evolving libraries!This book is an essential primer for new library managers and directors. In addition to providing an overview of the practical aspects of management, it is a vital reference tool for managing your library and its staff. The Practical Library Manager’s informative text and comprehensive bibliographies of print and electronic resources can guide you to solutions to the issues that every fledgling library manager must deal with upon appointment.While there are many publications on library management, The Practical Library Manager is one of very few to focus on the practical issues of staffing and the importance of continuous staff training. Also, unlike other books on the subject, this book features a chapter that points you to relevant management texts originally written for the corporate world rather than the library profession.The Practical Library Manager is the perfect single source to help you:

  • understand the challenges of staffing your library and training your staff
  • explore new technology’s impact on library workers and evaluate training programs to help them keep up
  • ensure that your staff has the core competencies they’ll need in the current climate
  • build a “virtual library”
  • decide whether your library should join a consortium
  • and much more!
In the words of the author: “Today, the most successful libraries in the country are those addressing the needs of both external and internal customers. However, it takes more than technology to change the working relationship between the institution and its customer. The guiding force for change must include a strong and respectful relationship between the library manager and staff. Much of what is written in this book can assist the fledgling manager in creating an environment of trust, teamwork, and respect.”

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chapter Chapter 7|6 pages

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