Modern societies currently lack positive alternative visions of the future. Many writers have claimed that the only option is a return to free-market capitalism, in which success and survival depend on being as competitive as possible whether as a nation, firm or individual.; Paul Hirst argues that there are viable alternative futures and widely applicable models that can be used to structure change. Hirst's distinctive approach to political theory reasons from real political problems rather than confining itself to abstract concepts.; Presenting an innovative political position, this collection of essays represents an attempt to re- state a practical third way between the discredited ideals of state socialism and laissez-faire capitalism.

chapter |25 pages


part |68 pages

Democracy and associative governance

chapter |10 pages

Associative democracy

chapter |22 pages

Associational democracy

chapter |11 pages

From statism to pluralism

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Scialism's best reply to the right?

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Democracy and civil society

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Democracy and civil society

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Can the Conservatives reinvent civil society?

Review of Green, Reinventing the Civil Society

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Sidestepping the state

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Global pressures and democratic governance