Originally published in 1951, this book is a straightforward account of the British nationalized coal industry in the first half of the twentieth century. An introductory chapter gives the history of the industry during the inter-war years and subsequent chapters discuss the complex organization by which coal is marketed at home and overseas. The types and grades of coal and the price structure of the industry are considered. There is a section on finance which explains the capital structure of the industry and statistical charts focus on significant trends in output, man-power, absenteeism, accidents and similar vital features of the coal industry.

chapter 1|23 pages

Background to Nationalization

chapter 2|15 pages

The Process of Nationalization

chapter 3|15 pages

The New Organization

chapter 4|20 pages

How Coal is Mined

chapter 5|14 pages

Planned Production

chapter 6|25 pages

The Board’s Employees

chapter 7|13 pages


chapter 8|13 pages

The Finances of the Industry