In this new book from Routledge and MiddleWeb, author Angie Miller shows how you can turn your students into informed citizens by teaching them how to research effectively. In today’s information-saturated world research skills have moved beyond fact-finding, into fact-sifting, fact-sorting, and fact-assessing. Miller shows you how to help students check sources, take good notes, make use of information, and synthesize and present information across the subject areas. She also shows how to make research a daily practice, not a one-time essay or project. With examples and online handouts you can use immediately, this practical book is a valuable resource for educators seeking to engage students in their work and encourage them toward higher level thinking.

chapter |10 pages


Why Research?

chapter 1|11 pages

What Are We Asking Students to Do?

Redesigning Assignments to Encourage Creative and Critical Thinking

chapter 2|16 pages

I Don’t Have Time to Teach Research

Balancing Content, Skills, and Time Management

chapter 3|22 pages

Finding Focus

Using Presearch and Questioning to Narrow and Refine Research

chapter 4|25 pages

So Much Out There

Helping Students Navigate the Vast Resource Landscape

chapter 5|14 pages

Take Note

Introducing Strategies that Improve Student Learning and Help Them Avoid Plagiarism

chapter 6|12 pages

Putting It All Together

Organizing the Parts of Your Research Paper

chapter 7|9 pages

The Part That’s Never ExCITEing

Making Works Cited an Easier Accomplishment

chapter 8|7 pages

Beyond the Essay

How to Incorporate Podcasts, PSAs, and Other Valuable Projects Into the Classroom

chapter |4 pages

With Thanks